EMP and Solar Flare – Threat Update

What will happen when everything electronic stops working? Perhaps, permanently. We receive more questions on the threats posed by electromagnetic pulse (EMP and CME) than any other threat topic. Since the U.S. government recently released a declassified version of the latest report on this topic (see attached), we decided to provide that report along with this update to our article, “Preparing for Solar Storms and EMP Events.”

Viability of EMP Threat

Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, report:  “Countering the EMP Threat: The Role of Missile Defense.” Excerpt from Report: Among the threats facing the United States are short-range ballistic missiles launched from vessels such as freighters, tankers, or contain­er ships off our shores to detonate a warhead that could have cata­strophic Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) consequences for […]